Scientists have opened a dimensional rift in one of New York's most popular tourist spots.

They're now calling it Times Squared.

How do you turn a three-dimensional printer into a four-dimensional printer?

Just give it time.

What do you call a one-dimensional cat?

A fe-line

My friend bought a 4 dimensional game.

It was all theoretical.

Hallmark movies have formulaic plots, two-dimensional characters, and half the bad guys want to sell some piece of land...’s basically “Scooby-Doo!” for sentimental grown-ups.

Honestly, I've never seen a flat earther. Maybe it's because they're two one dimensional.


Talking about a one-dimensional space isn't always productive

But it's usually not pointless

My teenage daughter was worried that she was too one-dimensional when it came to applying for schools. I told her that wasn't true and that she was like an onion. She has many layers.

She also smells really bad and makes me cry.

Punch lines are extremely one-dimensional

Punch areas and punch volumes have more depth.

A hypercube is trying to enter a two-dimensional bar...

The guy at the door stops him and says, "Hey! big guy, you're not allowed in here. Can't you read the sign? 2-dimensional beings only. Now step aside please."

"Excuse me, but what kind of an utterly and inexcusably discriminatory policy is this?" exclaims the hypercube. "I ought to report yo...

What do you call an empty, self-aware 2-dimensional space?

Descartes Blanche

Had a fight with a one dimensional entity yesterday...

The outcome was pretty one sided.

Last night I met a 5th dimensional hooker...

She blew my mind.

Why are three-dimensional objects so good at cutting down trees?

They have three axes.

Why didn't the circle want to become 3 dimensional?


What’s the difference between Hallmark movies and Scooby-Doo?

One has formulaic plots, two-dimensional characters, and bad guys trying to close some kind of real estate deal, and the other has a talking dog in it.

Why was the two-dimensional emo sad?

Because nobody would ever know how deep he was.

Super Smash Bros. is a good example of how NOT to do minority representation in video games

The only black character is incredibly two-dimensional

I went to my friend's new flat on the weekend for a party.

He should have gotten something more 3 dimensional.

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