Did you know that the singer Olly Murs has a sister who is a scientist?

Her name is Polly Murs.

I'll show myself out........

A long "little Johnny" joke... (nsfw)

One day, little Johnny was at school when a little girl asked him if she could go home with him. He said no. She replied, "I'll scream bloody *mur^derrrr* " (singing voice) So Johnny agrees and they go to his house.

While there, Johnny says he has to eat dinner so the girl has to go home....

Three Daughters

One day, three daughters were spending time with their father when a question arised from the first daughter.

"Father, Why is my name, Rose?", she asked.
"When you were born, a Rose dropped on your head, and so we decided to name you Rose", explained the father.

The second daughter ...

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