What are Dhar Mann's favorite letters of the alphabet?

U C?

What do the Apostle Paul, Bon Jovi and Manfred Mann's Earth Band all have in common?

They were all "blinded by the light"

A Barr Walks Into A Mann.

The Attorney General then apologizes to the Minnesotan Representative.

Mann organic chemistry is so difficult

I get into alkynes of trouble.

Just watched my wife leave me because of my obsession with Manfred Mann.

There she was just a-walking down the street.

idiot kiwi joke

A Chinaman, a German and a Kiwi are working on a high rise
construction site.
At lunch time, they sat down together and opened their
lunchboxes. The Chinaman looked inside and said, "Ah, if I get
dumpling again, I gonna jump off the building". The German looked
inside and said, "Mann,...

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