I wish we cold stop idiots from being literate.

Then jokes like this would never happen.

Help Wanted

There's a dog walking down the street and he sees a sign in a shop window that says:


"Must be able to type 60 words per minute."

"Must be computer literate."

"Must be bilingual."

"An equal opportunity employer."

So, the dog goes inside and asks...

What if you're held at gunpoint(bear with me) by a literate animal

and you're only hope of rescue(BEAR WITH ME) is posting a coded message on Reddit!

No wonder Kim Jong Un is so literate...

After all, he is the Supreme Reader of North Korea.

How did the semi-literate blonde drown?

After years of seeing the billboards and flyers, she decided it was time to do her part to help shave the whales.

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