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What do you say when a kazoo sneezes?


(My 9yo came up with this)

What do kazoos and my father have in common?

They were both around for a short time in the '90s only to be unheard of from then on.

Patient: Doctor, I was playing my kazoo and I swallowed it!

Doctor: Thank goodness you're not a tuba player

Hey, my band needs a new kazoo player. You interested?


Kazoo'd be great!

God, creating ducks:

Waterproof that chicken and give it a kazoo.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A guy walk into a restaurant in Spain

And sits down to eat.

While he's waiting, three trumpet players emerge, start playing a flourish, and in walks a waiter holding a covered plate that he presents to another patron. He pulls the cover off and shows the dish to everyone present.

The guy asks his own waiter, "What is t...

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