(fallout joke) Why do synths fart so fast?

-they were made by the insta-toot! (institute)

(i made my GF laugh she just started playing it)

During this period of the pandemic, a group of extraordinarily thin people came together to form a band.

It was a massive success. They were the best in their fields. The violin, oh so melodious! The synth on point everytime. The acoustics, superb.

One time they were offered to perform a virtual concert. All the tickets sold out.

But when the time came for them to perform, they couldn't c...

Guitar Horse

A horse and his mother are in the barn watching TV when an ad comes on. It's for a music school that can teach anyone to play any insturment, guaranteed. The horse has always wanted to be play the guitar, so he calls them up.

"Hey, I want to learn to play the guitar," he says, "Can you teach ...

People say no real music came out in the 80's.

I guess they are right, a lot of it was pretty Synth-etic!

What’s Darth Vader’s stage name when he plays his electric piano?

The synth lord

We've got an aviary at home...

We've got an aviary at home, but one of our birds of prey will only exercise at night to the sounds of '80s synth pop.

Our kestrel manoeuvres in the dark.

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