I don't see why people say that emo kid doesn't like to hangout

I seen them hanging all day.

Emo girls be like- how much am I worth...

Girl scan the code on your wrist

Whats the difference between an emo kid and a leaf both falling from a tree?

Only the leaf reached the ground.

Anyone ever heard of emo pizza?

It’s the kind that cuts itself.

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Why did the emo kid get kicked out of the amusement park?

He kept cutting in line.

I regret going to an emo barber.

Instead of cutting my hair he just kept cutting himself.

How many Emo kids does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

None, they all sit in the dark and cry.

It's cake day : )

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What do you call 2 emos making out in a science classroom?

My Chemical Romance

I'm making a film about emos.

I really need to stop saying "cut!" at the end of each scene.

What do you call an emo a capella group?

Self Harmony

What do you call an emo person with cancer


What do you call an emo hosting a charity event?

Fund razor.

Always get in a fight with an emo.

They'll take themselves out before you know it.

I wish the grass in my yard was like emo people so it would cut itself..

I was going to say a joke about a child but then decided to abort...

An emo kid applied for the marines last week...

He made the cut.

Why was the Emo girl jealous of her phone?

It died

Why did the emo kid leave the bar?

It was happy hour.

I saw emo boy, I came up to him and slaped him on wrist and said:

I like your cut g

I asked a emo girl out yesterday but got turned down.

She's probably just waiting for her prince harming.

An emo became a perfect film editor

he made very accurate cuts

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Got a job working with a bunch of Emo kids. It's depressing, they're always going on about dying, they look terrible with their white skin, and complain about how shit their life is.

Sorry not Emo kids......Chemo kids..

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How to make Emo Cupcakes

What You'll need:

Cupcake Tray

An oven










What kind of coffee do Emo's drink?


I went to the bakery and asked for Emo Cake...

Baker: Emo cake? Whats that?

Me: It's cake that cuts itself...

what did the emo dolphin say?

theres no porpoise in life

What do you call a robotic emo that likes dark humor.

Cutting edge technology

Why are all the emos banned from Six Flags?

Because they keep cutting in line

How do you get a emo down from a tree?

You cut the rope.

Did you hear about the girl who wasn't accepted into the emo club?

She couldn't make the cut.

What do you call a committee of emo kids?

A cutting board

How do you get a group of emo kids to change a light bulb?

You don't, you just let them sit and cry in the dark.

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What do you call a horny emo who practices self-control?

An edgelord

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I just reseeded my lawn with emo grass.

It cuts itself...

Heard about the new Emo-grass for your lawn?

It cuts itself.

What do you call a Emo kid in Hawaii?

A Tropical Depression

How do emo bands prepare for their shows?

They self-harmonize.

What do you call an obese emo teenager

An edgelard.

Alternatively, names.

What do emos and unsalted popcorn have in common?

They're both white and flavorless

Emo Friend Is Bad At Shaving

My emo friend is really bad at shaving.
Whenever he shaves, it always cuts his skin.

I don't know why he shaves his wrists though.

What's an emo's favorite musical instrument?

The forearm violin.

What do you call 4 emo friends?

Suicide Squad.

How Are Emos and Darth Vader related

They both wear all black and neither have a father

I was thinking of becoming an Emo

Then I realized I wasn't cut out for it.

What happened to the emo

A depressed emo high off shrooms was walking in the forest when he came across a tree with arms. He tried to give him a high-five but the tree left him hanging.

When a leaf and an emo fall from a tree witch one hits the ground first

The leaf hits the ground first, emo just keeps hanging up there

Ugh... My hair has never been this long before, and all the salons are closed due to the pandemic. I wish I had emo hair...

...so it would cut itself.

What did the emo computer say to the other emo computer?

rar XD *uncompresses your files*

Did you hear about the Mexican emo band?

They're called 'Hispanic at the Disco'

How do emo's like their meat cooked

medium rawr

I disappeared when the emo phase died off....

I was never scene again

What do you call an emo a capella group?

Self Harmony

What do emo birds call their mouths?

What do emo birds call their mouths?


When I was in School this emo girl was caught jacking off her boyfriend. Whether it be in the lunchroom, the classroom, the bathroom, etc. She always was jacking him off.

Last I heard the girl got expelled and the guy got off.

What‘s an Emos favorite sub?


Did you hear they made an Emo-Hipster pizza?

It cuts itself, and you're supposed to eat it before its cool.

What does a emo girl have in common with floor tiles?

Once you lay them, you can walk all over them.

What do you call emos that live in the Bahamas?

Tropical depressions.

Want some emo coffee?

It's fresh brood!

what do you call an emo acapella group?

Self Harmony

Saving a Christian.

Once I saw this guy on a bridge about to jump. I said, “Don’t do it!”

He said, “Nobody loves me.” I said, “God loves you. Do you believe in God?”

He said, “Yes.”

I said, “Are you a Christian or a Jew?”

He said, “A Christian.”

I said, “Me, too! Protestant or Catholi...

what's it called when you remember your emo phase and cringe?


I wish my pubic hair was emo...

...so that it would cut itself.

I started an emo salsa band

We're called Hispanic at the Disco

What do you call an bunch of muppets in an emo band?

Fragile Rock

Why is emo pizza the best pizza?

Because it cuts itself

I keep having flashbacks to my emo phase.

I think I might have PTXD.

Help! I think I broke my phone's speaker! All I did was convert my normal rap playlist into an emo rap playlist.

Now all I can hear is a Lil Peep.

What happens when you take away the ski from an eskimo?

He becomes emo.

Friday afternoon I'm walking home from school

and I'm watching some men build a new house. The guy hammering the house called me a paranoid little weirdo. In Morse code.

Emo Phillips

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