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This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

3 drunk mice

3 mice are up late at night, drinking and bullshitting, as mice often do. Just eating cheese bits and chasing them down with copious amounts of alcohol.

They begin to brag about how tough they are relating various experiences evading the cat, the exterminator and other adventures, each one...

Teen Tricks His Mom

An embellished Knee-Slapper from 1896

William tells his ma that there are two holes in his trousers

His mom gives him a sad look. You know we can't afford a new pair of trousers.

William laughs and then tells her the two holes are what he puts his feet through.

Another "guy goes to a monastery" joke - an oldie but a goodie

This is an old one, so apologies if its been here before (I haven't seen it yet, but I don't check /r/jokes every day). I'm a bit bored at the moment, so I've embellished it a bit! enjoy :)

So, this guy is hiking in the Himalayas, as you do, and, as he's hiking up the narrow, rock-strewn path...

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