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How do babies keep track of their fathers?

They use an extensive dada-base.

Where do dads keep their dad jokes?

In their dada base.

My parents were both artists

I call them MoMA and Dada
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Statistically speaking, the data I have collected indicates my dad jokes are quite funny...

I guess you can call it dada science...

My 10 yr old was hugging the cat

, & whispering to him "I love you so much that you're the 2nd most loved thing in my life." Aww, I thought, she's still dada's little girl. Then she finished her whisper with "But spaghetti is my favorite thing."

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

My 2 year old son points to my wife’s tits...

Looks at me and says “baby eat!”

I say to him “Yes that’s right, that’s where your baby brother eats.”

He’s smiles and points again, “Landon (his name) eat?”

I laugh and say “not anymore buddy, that’s for your baby brother only.”

Again he points, looks at me and says “dad...

Why did Marcel Duchamp’s kids always roll their eyes at him?

Because of all the Dada jokes!

Happy Father’s Day

How did the artist with the trust fund pay for all his supplies?

With the money he got from his dada.

My phone service provider is always wrong about some basic reproductive facts.

They’re always telling me I’m out of dada, but I’m pretty sure I came out of my mama.

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The Flintstones

One day pebbles took a shower with Fred and Wilma. Her curiosity lead her to ask questions

Pebbles: Mama what's that between your legs?

Wilma: oh honey that's mommy's rock cutter.

Pebbles: Dada what's the between your legs?

Fred: oh sweetie that's my rock.


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

At the zoo

Dada took his son to the zoo.During the walk they saw zebra with the long member hanging down between the hind legs.
Son asked dad what is that thing that zebra has.Dada said:that is his penis of course.Why are you asking,
Son:few days ago I was also at the zoo and the same thing happened so...

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