What do you call two Corgis that violate the laws of space-time?

A pair-of-dogs.

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What is a group of corgis having sex called?

A corgy

What do you call an extremely overweight Corgi?

Low fat.

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What do you call a bunch of corgis fucking?

A (c)orgy.

What do you call a litter of Corgi puppies?

A Corgisbord.

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Her Majesties Corgis

One day a man was enjoying a pint at a pub located near Buckingham Palace. While he sat there, he couldn't help but notice another man drinking pint after pint with a gloomy face. Being a nice fellow, he decided to chat with the gentleman, and had the barkeep buy him a pint, as he sat next to him....

Ivan walks through Corgi Park...

Ivan walks through Corgi park everyday where he sees Vladimir with a wheelbarrow full of light bulbs. Vladimer sells broken light bulbs to passers-by. Ivan, on this particular day, buys a broken light bulb from Vladimir. Ivan works in a government office building where he, at the end of the day, uns...

Did you know that dogs chase their tails clockwise in the southern hemisphere and counter-clockwise in the northern hemisphere?

It’s called the Corgi-olis Effect.

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What did the Queen say when she lost her dog?

"Where the fuck is my corgi?!"

In honor of HRH on her birthday

A man walks into a London pub clearly beaten down after a rough day. Barkeep gets to talking to him and asks the man what he does.

"I'm the trainer for the Queen's pure breed corgis." the man replies.

"Well that seems like a pretty cushy job, why are you so distraught?" the barkeep a...

There's this dog teaching me some new dance moves.

He's a corgi-ographer.

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