talkbabbletattlesingpeachprattlepratebabble outblab outblabberkvetchprattlingblatheringobsessgabbing

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What do you call a prostitute that blabs on everyone?

A hotel.

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A guy is watching TV with his girlfriend...

The talk show host is blabbing on about effective communication in relationships. "Sometimes, you can say things that make your partner happy. Sometimes you say things that make them sad. And sometimes you can even say something that makes them sad and happy at the same time..."

The guy scoff...

New member joins a club where people write and talk about jokes

He overhears someone say "23" and everyone starts laughing. After sometime another one says "40" and everyone laughs uncontrollably. The man confused, asks what is it about and somebody explains to him that they all know all the jokes, so they just tell them by the numbers.

Man wanting to jo...

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A North Pole story of Christmas traditions

It was not shaping up to be a Merry Christmas at the North Pole. Mr. Claus was buttoning his suspenders when an angel popped in out of nowhere, yelling "HEY SANTA!". That caused his fingers to lose grip, and the whole thing snapped him in the eye.

When he got out to the elves, they were all g...

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