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What's the difference between a normal cat and a man from West Africa?

One has nine lives and the other has nine wives

I'm going on a trip around West Africa.

I've Benin there before, but I want Togo again.

You guys hear about the guy that went bowling in NY after he came back from West Africa?

They say ebola perfect game.

Captain John McGrue was one of the most respected explorers

Born in England, he became known for his seafaring skills at a young age. At the age of 20, he heard the legends of the greatest drinks in the world, a quest many explorers had tried, but unfortunately none could complete the trip. McGrue was talked out of it by every friend, until at 28, already an...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔


This is probably a repost but I have not seen it and told this joke over twenty years ago...

One day a woman is out shopping for a gift to give her friend for her birthday. Her friend had tons of things and liked really weird items, the kind of things that most people would just look...

Why is six afraid lf seven?

Because seven just came back from a trip to West Africa.

I will be watching Santa's journey on Norad's website very carefully this year.

If he goes to West Africa before coming to the UK, I'm bricking the chimney up.

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