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If I were to invade Djibouti...

Do you think Greece would help? [read out loud]

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What did the penis say when it came to Djibouti?

I should have gone through Greece first

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An Afghan, an Albanian, and Algerian, an American, an Andorran, an Angolan, an Antiguan, an Argintine, an Armenian, an Australian, an Austrian, an Azerbaijani, a Bahamian, a Bahraini, a Bangladeshi, a Barbadian, a Barbudans, a Batswanan, a Belarusian, a Belgian, a Belizean, a Beninese, a Bhutanese, ...

Where is Djibouti?

In between Djilegs and Djiback

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Do you know where Djibouti is?

behind Djipenis

I wanna put the "D" in...


The anti-phonetic alphabet

I've been making a list for months of words that can be used to deliberately confuse people over the phone when phonetically reading out letters. Some letters like L are tough so I just added funny words to say.

A - aisle

B - bdellium

C - czar

D - Djibouti, Django, djemb...

Travel plans around Africa

I told my wife: I wanna end up and stay in Djibouti the longest, she said it's not my favorite but I'll get the lube.

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Did you hear about that guy, Richard, who went to Africa?

He was a real Dick in Djibouti.

When in Africa, where do you put the D?


*sorry I'm just trying not to fall asleep in geography class*

What happens when there is an earthquake in Africa?

Djibouti shakes!

Hey girl are you africa?

Because Djibouti is making me crazy

Girl, do you support the industrial mining of mountaintops?

Cuz I'm tryna get in Djibouti

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