Untitled joke

A starving man stumbles into a tavern, practically drooling from the smell of stew wafting out of the building.
He staggers to the bar and is about to order some food when he realizes he forgot his wallet.
Looking around in hopes of seeing someone familiar he could ask for help, he sees an ang...

Artists on Reddit are so uncreative,

Like get over it, someone else has already called theirs Untitled.


A worker goes up to his boss and asks:

Worker: Hey, sir, I'm having a kid, can I have the day off?

Boss:Sure go ahead

The next day, the worker comes in and the boss asks:

Boss: Hey! Is it a boy or a girl?

To which the worker replies:
"I don't know, but I will te...

Artists on Reddit are pretty unoriginal

Does every one of them have to call their painting Untitled ?

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