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An old couple decides to play the devil's tango once more, like during their golden years.

The woman asks in a shaky voice : "Talk dirty to me !"

And the old man to go :

"I shat myself !"

It takes two to tango

But it takes nine to line dance

So, I had a commanding officer from Australia

Of course I used this fact to make stereotypical jokes and stuff.
He seemed rather calm towards it.
But two weeks later I realised I'm only one who was transfered between different squads.
And they were:

Whoever said "It takes two to tango"...

Clearly never took Spanish.

Why were the tangerine and the mango so romantic?

Together, they tango

I haven't been able to have any orange soda since my wife left me

It takes 2 to Tango

Coca Cola employees can't dance...

But they can Tango.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The police

I got pulled over by the police after a night of drinking, doing drugs, and dancing.
He looked at my number plate and said "whiskey, charlie, tango"
I thought "how the fuck did he know that!"

A hippopotamus walks into a bar. He buys a drink for the rabbit on the bar stool. She bats her eyes at him. He asks for a dance..

The rabbit says "tango?"

He says "nope.... Lets do Hip Hop!"

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