I'm afraid of lukewarm substances.

They fill me with tepidation.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I was at my buddy's bachelor party, when him and his brother handed me a glass full of yellow, lukewarm liquid. "Drink it!" they said giggling. It was only when I smelt it that I realized the prank the bastards were trying to pull...


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I never understood why it was called Lukewarm

Like, why not medium-warm ? Who the fuck is Luke ?

How hot is the core of a Jedi lightsaber?


On a cold winter's morning

Wife texts husband on a cold winter’s morning:

"Windows frozen, won't open."

Husband texts back:

"Gently pour some lukewarm water over it."

Wife texts back 5 minutes later:

"Computer is really screwed up now.”

How much fat does a TaunTaun have?

Just enough to keep lukewarm

What's the internal temperature of a Tauntaun?


I was watching Star Wars with my daughter. She asked why Luke was climbing inside a Tauntaun, I said to keep warm.

She asked how warm? I said lukewarm

A man walks into a grocery store.

A man walks into a grocery store. After getting all his groceries, he sees something interesting at the check-out counter. Not knowing what it is, he asks a worker. The worker replies, “Why, that’s a thermos! It keeps your hot stuff hot, and your cold stuff cold!” Intrigued, the man decides to buy i...

How hot was Jedi’s blaster after he fired it several times?

How hot was Jedi’s blaster after he fired it several times?


[OC] A programmer walks into a coffee shop

A programmer walks into a coffee shop on his lunch break with his pet, a black Labrador. He comes in with a scowl on his face and a furrowed brow, his expression showing a frustrated yet pensieve look about him. He asks for a plain, black coffee.

The barista compassionately eyed the man fo...

I was asked to describe the feeling of cuddling with a Jedi

It was Lukewarm.

How does Skywalker prefer his coffee?


How does the Skywalker family like their tea?


What do you call Tatooine rain on a hot day?

Lukewarm Skywater

How does Princess Leia like her showers?


There were two guys in a lunatic asylum (LONG).

This joke is in honor of the Batman comic The Killing Joke getting a movie release (no matter how lukewarmly it was received).

So there were these two guys in a lunatic asylum, and one night, they decide they don't like living in an asylum anymore. They decide they are going to escape.

Whats the temperature inside of a ton-ton?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A guest in a posh hotel.......

comes down to breakfast, calls over the head waiter and read from the menu, "I'd like two boiled eggs, one of them slightly under cooked so that it's runny, and one so over cooked that it's tough and hard to eat.

"I'd also like grilled bacon that has been left out so it's a bit on the cold si...

How does Darth Vader like his bathwater?


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