Did ya hear feldspar, quartz, and mica stopped hanging out together?

They got tired of being taken for granite

Why did Mrs. Quartz divorce Mr. Quartz?

He took her for granite.

What does quartz get tired of?

Being taken for granite.

Does silicon make pretty crystals

Of quartz it does

My friend was arrested after carving equations into blocks of quartz

He was charged with manufacture of crystal math

Next time you say Michelangelos statues suck just remember

>he had to go into the Nether to get all the quartz to make it. Have some respect for hard work.

How did the geologist win his lawsuit?

By taking advantage of the quartz system.

the motor in my watch stopped running

I'm down a quartz

Watch the Elephant

What does an elephant have in common with a Seiko watch?

They both come in quartz.

Came up with this on the spot tonight

Two rocks walk into a bar. They sit down and the bartender asks them what they would like. One rock, speaking for the both of them says "we'll have two pints please". Astounded by this, the second rock exclaims "Pints?!" He turns to the bartender and tells him "two quartz".

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