My friend, Pandora, wants to "take our friendship to the next level"

I said I'm not really ready to open that box.

"Hey guys it's pandora here. Welcome to my first unboxing video"

We all know how well that went

"You shouldn't have opened that box. Just sayin'"

\-Epimetheus, husband to Pandora and god of hindsight, everyday for the rest of eternity

my wife is alot like pandora radio

she is always asking me if I am still listening

My girlfriend is kind of like Pandora.

Everyone once and a while I just have to let it know I'm still listening even though its all just noise at this point.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I asked my cockney dad what I should buy my girlfriend for her birthday.

He said, 'You should give her a Pandora bracelet.'

So I gave her a pound.

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