I heard they made a Minesweeper movie

It bombed at the box office, but somehow ended up sweeping the oscars.

My love life is like a game of minesweeper

I ignore a bunch of red flags and it always blows up in my face.

What did the new recruit think of his assignment as a minesweeper?

It's a blast!


It's either a computer game or an angry German custodian yelling at kids who stole his broom.

What's the difference between minesweeper and my ex-wife?

I've never beaten minesweeper

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔


What Hitler called his cleaning lady.

TIL: Every ship is equipped to be a minesweeper

at least once

What's the difference between America and Saudi Arabia?

You don't need a computer to play minesweeper in Saudi Arabia.

(I'm not sorry)

I broke up with my girlfriend because she was spending too much time playing computer games.

Her Minesweeper addiction was a big red flag.

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