This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Three nurses working in a morgue discover a dead man with a hard on.

The first nurse says, "I can't let that go to waste", and rides him. The second nurse does the same.

The third nurse hesitates and explains she is on her period, but decides to ride him anyways.

All of a sudden the man sits up and and the nurses apologize explaining how that thought ...

A man and woman live in a two story house.

A man and woman live in a two story house and sleep on the second floor. At 3 a.m. they're awakened by a knock at the front door. The man goes to the window, opens it and looks down but can't see anyone.

"Who's out there?" he asks.

A voice says, "Please help me. I need a push."


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A man dies in a hospital....

A man dies in a hospital, the three nurses that were operating on him notice he has a raging hard-on. One of them says "I know it sounds weird but I suddenly got the urge to fuck him", so she does. The second nurse says "Wow that looks like fun, let me try", she fucks him too. The last nurse says "I...

Local man jump-starting neighbor's car.

Local man arrested when jumpstarting neighbor's car.

Charged with battery

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