My Boss, always badgering me to keep the HVAC system on.

It's exhausting!

Did you hear about the HVAC technicians who got into an argument?

At first it was heated, but they got some fresh air then things cooled off

My HVAC guy is pretty unprepared.

I told him that before he comes over he better get his ducts in a row.

If lawyers are disbarred and priests are defrocked, then...

Electricians are delighted

Corpses are decrypted

Cowboys are deranged

Models are deposed

Underwear models are debriefed

Dry cleaners are depressed, decreased and depleted

Jilted women are debrided

HVAC technicians are deducted

Tennis linemen ar...

[long] My company is locked down and I am required to work from home

I'm used to working in an open office space so this is a huge change for me. In order to make the transition as easy as possible, I have prepared my home office so remind me of work.

* I've purchased a piece of Limburger cheese and placed it on a plate in the middle of the room to remind me o...

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Looking for a new lover

Was told this joke by an old HVAC guy while at work.

A widow has been lonely for a while now and she wants to be with another lover. So she puts a personal ad in the paper to find her new lover. The ad reads “Looking for a lover. Must never hit me, run around with other women and must be good...

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