blockheadduncehammerhead sharkboneheadmuttonheadsharkscallopedsharkssquiddumbasshammerheadpeendoltstupid

What do you call a Hammerhead Shark who's operating a Drill Rig?

A Flathead Screw driver.

How did the hammerhead shark do on his test?

He nailed it.

What Do You Call a Burger Made by a Hammerhead Shark Man

a BigMaccus

If a Hammerhead Shark met a Nail Tail Whale..

Would they..Hit it off?

What type of shark would you find in a Home Depot?

A hammerhead shark!

Shark Tank

*on Shark Tank*

Sharks: what's your idea?

Me: ridiculously wide sunglasses

Shark 1: I'm out

Shark 2: I'm out as well

Hammerhead shark: tell me more

What’s Thor’s favorite animal?

The Hammerhead shark.

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