Why was Gimli so interested in plotting equations on an x-y coordinate plane?

He heard it involved axes.

What did Gimli say after the elves poured him some coke?


Gimli walks into a bar

The bar was quite low, to be honest.

Gimli was going on a date last night, so I let him borrow my hair gel and my shaving foam.

And my Axe.

What did Gimli say to Legolas when the Uruk-hai marched on Helm's Deep?

That's a LOTR orcs!

Why did Gimli have to be a part of the Fellowship?

He was the Tolkien minority.

Aragorn and Legolas walk into a bar.

Gimli laughs and walks under it.

Fellowship of the ring

As the fellowship of the ring was being formed Bilbo had been eavisdropping outside of the meeting, not being able to help his curiosity.
He had heard young Frodo take upon himself the burden of the ring, Sam, Merry and Pippin joining him on the foolish quest. Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas and Boromir ...

My LOTR joke

If Gimli's father was evil, would he be called Glóin the Dark?

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