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What’s the difference between a Norwegian fjord and an English fjord?

The Norwegian fjord is a left hand drive.

What is a Viking’s favorite car?

…….a Fjord Explorer.

Why is Norwegian taco night like a car?

Cos it's a fjord fiesta

The one about he Norwegian man...

There was this young Norwegian man who always loved to go for hikes. Everyday he'd walk along the hillside, look down at the inlet below no matter rain, sleet or snow. Some years later he got a nice dog and he'd go for long walks high in the clouds just to smell the salty air and toss the ball with ...

When I was 21 I drove my new car to a boat party in Norway.

It was a Fjord Fiesta.

What's the top car brand in Scandinavia?


Why did the Viking buy an old boat?

He couldn’t a fjord a new one.

I longed to cruise through the majestic, towering cliffs and deep glacial sea inlets of Norway and Iceland. Sadly, the cost was more than my salary...

I couldn't a-**fjord** it.

Just found out that Norway has the highest cost of living in Europe...

There's Norway I could A-Fjord to live there.

What kind of car do Norwegians drive?

A Fjord Fjocus

Was going to go to Norway on holiday this year. Ran the numbers through my budgeting spreadsheet and . . .

. . . couldn’t a-fjord it.

What kind of cars do people in Norway drive?


Why did the Norwegian sell her boat?

She couldn't a-fjord it!

what do you call a Norwegian call girl?

A fjord escort!

Herds of wild horses roam the banks of narrow Norwegian inlets.

The majestic Fjord Mustangs.

A friend of mine chops down trees, and then hauls away the lumber with a fleet of F-350 Super Duty pickup trucks...

...he's pining for the Fjords.

Why is it people always go to Norway for beach holidays?

They’re very a-fjord-able.

[groaner] Have you guys seen Viking Wars?

It stars Harrison Fjord.

Why do Norwegians drive Chevys?

They're afraid of drowning in a Fjord.

What's the most popular family car in Norway?

The Fjord Focus

What do you call it when you have enough money to but a truck from 4 different people who used to cross small bodies of water?

You can afford four fjord forders' fords.

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