What kind of car do Norwegians drive?

A Fjord Fjocus

Was going to go to Norway on holiday this year. Ran the numbers through my budgeting spreadsheet and . . .

. . . couldn’t a-fjord it.

What is the top selling car in Iceland?

The Fjord Fjusion

What kind of cars do people in Norway drive?


Why did the Norwegian sell her boat?

She couldn't a-fjord it!

What does a Viking call his truck?

A Fjord

What is Norway’s favorite American car brand?


Why did the viking buy an old boat ?

He couldn't a fjord a new one

what do you call a Norwegian call girl?

A fjord escort!

Herds of wild horses roam the banks of narrow Norwegian inlets.

The majestic Fjord Mustangs.

Just found out that Norway has the highest cost of living in Europe...

There's Norway I could A-Fjord to live there.

A friend of mine chops down trees, and then hauls away the lumber with a fleet of F-350 Super Duty pickup trucks...

...he's pining for the Fjords.

Why is it people always go to Norway for beach holidays?

They’re very a-fjord-able.

Meanwhile in the reptile design office in the planet construction halls of Magrethea...

>Credit to John Fennimore of BBC Radio 4

Down the corridor from Slartibartfarst and his fjord design office, in the planet construction halls, another magrethean is called in to see his supervisor.

“You wanted to see me sir”

“Ah, Zebon sit down,” The supervisor said pointing ...

Why do Norwegians drive Chevys?

They're afraid of drowning in a Fjord.

What's the most popular family car in Norway?

The Fjord Focus

what car do people drive in Norway when it floods?

the fjord escape

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