The Only Canadian Province/Territory to Not Have Covid-19 is Nunavut

I suppose you can say they have none of it...

When I successfully invade Canada and they offer me lands in a peace treaty...

I’ll take Nunavut.

How much of northern Canada is livable?


I read Nunavut still has zero Covid-19 cases.

I guess they're having none of it.

I once told a guy from upper Canada that he wasn't really from Canada since he was from a territory, not a province

He was having Nunavut.

What did the Inuit say to to Englishman After he wanted some seal?

"I've got Nunavut."

Canadian joke eh!

Why did the Northwest Territories split?

They were halving Nunavut.

The other day, I told my friend that part of Canada is in the arctic circle

“Really?” He said. “There’s no way!”

He was having Nunavut.

When I disagree on a food, just call me an Inuit

Because I'm having Nunavut

What does a Canadian Eskimo say when he’s fed up?

“I’ll have Nunavut!”

I tried to get my friend to stop eating Canada...

But he was having Nunavut.

^^^the ^^^pronunciation ^^^doesn't ^^^work ^^^that ^^^way ^^^but ^^^whatever ^^^it's ^^^OC

I asked my girlfriend if she wanted to move to northern Canada with me.

She was having Nunavut.

I tried tricking an Inuit guy last night...

...but he was having Nunavut

Congratulations, you've won a free vacation across Canada! You have a choice between experiencing the vast Canadian Arctic, or everything else that Canada has to offer.

You either see all of it, or Nunavut.

I had this really great seal clubbing joke I was telling my friend from Iqaluit last week...

but they were having Nunavut.

I was telling my Canadian friend that Canada definitely wasn’t made up of states...

He was having Nunavut.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A Scotsman comes home from a business trip to Canada...

... and slams the door behind him. His wife comes running to the door to see the commotion. "Oh! It's you," she says a bit startled. "Welcome home, love! How was the trip?" He gives her a look of pure anger. "How was the trip? HOW. WAS. THE. TRIP? I WAS MADE A BLOODY FOOL BY YOU!" His wife is taken ...

Some people say Canadian province names are silly.

Personally, I'll have Nunavut.

I said Canada was made up of ten provinces and two territories

But the Inuits were having Nunavut.

I baked a cake shaped like Canada, and offered my brother the Quebec slice....

but he's having Nunavut.

An American and Canadian walk into a bakery

The American ordered some Baked Alaska. The Canadian, however, was having Nunavut.

I petitioned to rename a Canadian province...

Their government would have Nunavut

You get to choose between visiting Canada's largest territory, or all the provinces together.

It's either all of it or Nunavut

Why wasn't the Canadian scared at the movie theater?

He knew Nunavut was real.

My company moved offices and wanted to transfer my job to northern Canada

But I was having nunavut.

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