What is the worlds biggest drawback?

A whales foreskin.

What's the biggest drawback to voting by mail?

Postage from Russia will cost a fortune!

The one thing they never mentioned in circumcision school ...

... was that the job has a lot of drawbacks.

Crossbows are great

But they have their drawbacks

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

A kid at our local hospital was born with no eyelids...

... so when he was circumsized the surgeon took his skin and grafted it in above his eyes for eyelids. The only drawback is,he might come out a little cockeyed.

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A man finds a magic lamp...

He rubs it and suddenly a genie appears.

"Tell me your wish." The genie booms.

The man, who was a frequent viewer of r/Jokes knew that this genie would not be as it seems. It had to have some sort of drawback. He decides to test the genie's abilities.

"Is there going to be a cat...

I thought about learning how to shoot a longbow

but there were just too many drawbacks

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

The parrot

A woman walks in to a pet shop, looking to buy a parrot.

-We have a couple of parrots for sale, the shopkeeper says.
-This one is 1000 bucks, he says, pointing ro a red parrot. -This one is 500, pointing to a yellow parrot.
-Hmm, that's expensive, the woman says. -You don't have anythin...

My son recently told me that he identifies as a woman

He’s planning on going through treatments to become a full blown woman.
I am 100% supportive of this and wish him the best with all of his decisions.

But, ever since he’s came out to me, I’ve noticed that people seem to not notice me.
It started small with people not seeing me and bu...

I'm not a fan of archery.

It has too many drawbacks.

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