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I am driving through England currently and plan to be in Greenwich tomorrow.

Not too sure what to do in The Mean Time.

After the election, I'm moving to Greenwich, England

I don't know what I'll do in the mean time.

Guy gets a job as a spy...

He's sent on his first mission, and told that the secret passphrase he has to give to contacts is, "The night-bird flies at dawn."

He's instructed to go to London, head to Piccadilly Circus, and speak to a guy in a purple fedora, busking. So he flies to London, goes to Piccadilly Circus, fin...


A famous art collector is walking through Greenwich Village when he notices a mangy old cat lapping milk from a saucer in front of a store. And the collector does a double take when he sees the saucer. He knows it's very old and very valuable.

So he saunters casually into the store and offer...

What time zone does your average London psychic run on?

Greenwich medium time.

All timezones are equal and shouldn't be shamed

Greenwich is just mean

My friend recently visited London.

He said everyone was very polite, except in Greenwich. Whenever he asked someone for the time they got all mean about it.

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