I’ve just checked my BMI, and it turns out

I have to grow at least 4 inches

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Why does Japan have such strict BMI regulations?

They remember what the first fat man did to them.

I just did incredible on my BMI test.

Highest score in the class!

I checked my BMI chart the other day.

It would appear that I'm too short.

Doctor: Your BMI is quite high.

Patient: What should I do?

Doctor: Don't eat anything fatty

Patient: So I should give up pizza and chips?

Doctor: No, fatty. Just don't eat anything!

Not fat, just short.

According to the BMI chart, at the doctors office, I don’t need to lose 25 pounds! I do need to grow about six inches but hey, it beats dieting!

I went to a Trump rally the other day, and the only thing higher than the average IQ of the crowd...

Was the average BMI.

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