What do you call a barking dog in a submarine?

A sub-woofer!

Who do dogs call to fix the shingles on their dog house?


What does the speaker say to the dog when they first meet?

"Sup, woofer!"

What do you call a dog that's in the Navy?

A sub-woofer

not sure if this one's already been made up but it came from my own brain!

During WWII why did every German U-Boat have a dog for a mascot?

So they could have a sub-woofer.

What do you call a chihuahua that plays heavy bass music?

A sub woofer.

What do you call a dog that is underwater?

A sub-woofer!

Thank you, I'll be here all day.

What do you call a dog bred to stay underwater for a long period of time?

A sub-woofer

What do you call a dog who likes a lot of bass in his music?

A Sub-Woofer.

My friend had a dog...

My friend had a dog that could only bark below 100hz. It was a sub woofer

I met a furry dominatrix with an amazing sound system

You wouldn't believe how many sub woofers she has.

The music teacher at the school my niece goes to was out sick 2 days last week. The school had a dog fill in for her.

He was a sub woofer.

What do you call a below average sized dog?

A sub woofer

Yeah, I know I'm barking up the wrong sub reddit.

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