How much TNT does it take to blow up a country?

I don’t know, but the answer would probably blow your mind

A joke from my 5 year old: "Know what really killed the dinosaurs? TNT!"

"That's why it's called Dino-mite!!"

I invented a Prayer Rug weaved with TNT;

prophets are going through the roof.

The steer was fed the TNT


What's the favorite song of all australian dinosaurs?

TNT, cuz they're dino mate

What courier do terrorists use?


What tea is the best tea?


Seriously, it's the bomb.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Limerick Time: Alice

There once was a woman named Alice,
Who used a TNT stick as a phallus.
They found her vagina
In South Carolina,
And her titties in Phoenix and Dallas.

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