The stormy seafarer

One stormy evening, a seafarer was thrown overboard whilst passing through the strait of Dover. As luck would have it, the ocean currents pulled him unconscious to the English coastline, where he was found and revived by a man adorned in a cape, deerstalker hat and smoking a pipe.

When coming...

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A seafarers tale of a whale

Moby Dick is a Sperm whale who ate too many seamen.

doctor 1: this sailor broke his nose from crashing onto land.

doctor 1: Luckily they're just mariner injuries.

doctor 2: are you shore? they seem pretty bad to me.

doctor 1: nonsense, you can seafarer self.

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What's in a name?

It's St. Paddy's Day in a small Irish town. Everyone is celebrating and laughing, as happy as they can be. Except for one man, alone in a pub, face in is hands. The bartender, seeing his distress, walks down and says, "What's the matter, lad? It's St. Paddy's Day, everyone in Ireland should be celeb...

Seasick jokes

What do armed forces at sea feel when depressed?
The Navy blues

What part of the Mac's desktop would seafarers miss when at sea for a loooong time?
The Dock

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