What do you call a lactose intolerant music artist?

Post Provolone

Which guy does cheese always root for?

Volone. The cheese is provolone.

Did you know provolone cheese was recently recognized as the world's loneliest cheese?

Because it's prov olone(alone). Sorry, was that joke a little too cheesy?

I usually say this while making sandwich at work, or now whenever I sell and ice cream sandwich.

I just watched the cheesiest movies of all time.

3: The Havarti Boys

2: Goudafellas

And my all time favorite cheesy movie

1: The Guns of Provolone

Dad joke I came up with at work.

I work at a grocery store produce department. Today there was some misplaced cheese in a cooler. I saw it was sharp provolone. I took it to the deli lady and once she read it I said "be careful, it's sharp."

Why did the mouse go to the Swiss Bank?

To take out a provolone.

What did the mama cheese say to the mouse?

Please leave Provolone!

What do you call a camera made out of cheese?

A GoProvolone.

A cheesemaker is hard-strapped for cash...

He decided to get a Provolone.

This is my favorite sub.

Meatball with marinara, provolone, and parmesan on an Italian loaf.

This sub is the best.

It has salami, pepperoni, lettuce, black olives, green peppers, provolone cheese, and oil. 10/10

What would you tell someone who is attempting to steal your cheese (hint: not "nacho cheese")?

Leave my provolone!

Why was the circular white cheese sad?

It was provolonely

I went shopping . . .

I went to the supermarket to get some groceries. When I got to the dairy section, they only had one piece of cheese left.
It was provolone.

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