Scientists have successfully grown human vocal chords in a Petri dish.

The results speak for themselves

COVID-19 and COVID-20 were placed in a petri dish to fight


What is it called when one biologist steals a petri dish from another biologist?

Cultural appropriation.

Did you hear about the white biologist stealing a petri dish from his black colleague?

It was a case of cultural appropriation.

What do you call 2 petri dishes enjoying themselves at an art museum?


Why do petri dishes make good conversationalists?

They're cultured.

Lab grown pigs

You grow 2 pig embryos in seperate Petri dishes. You add a nutrient mixture with a sip of wine to 1 dish and add nothing to to the other
What do you call the pig embryo in the second, empty Petri dish?

-*An uncultured swine*.

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