My pharmacy is having a liquidation sale.

Laxatives are 50% off.

British Steel going into liquidation?

Isn't that just how it's made?

The fish and chip shop near me has gone into liquidation

Now the owner is stuck between a rock and a hard plaice

My fruit and vegetable business recently went into liquidation

We now sell smoothies

Who was the greatest financier from the Bible?

Noah, of course!
He was floating all his stock, while everyone else was in liquidation!

There are two great financial geniuses in the Bible

One was Noah, who floated his stock while everyone else had to go into liquidation.

The other one was pharaoh's daughter, who went to the bank of the Nile and drew out a prophet.

What do you call a going out of business sale for a laxative store?


I once opened a gift shop on an ice-burg..

It went into liquidation

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