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I had an idea for a movie plot where a retired CIA agent searches for his kidnapped daughter in Paris.

Turns out that idea was taken. I then had another idea for a movie where the same agent is kidnapped with his ex-wife in Istanbul, but it turns out that one was taken too.

Did you hear about the guy who suddenly stopped smoking and moved from Istanbul to Singapore last winter?

He quits cold turkey.

They told me to go cold turkey...

So now I'm chilling in Istanbul.

I tried to tell an Armenian genocide joke in Istanbul.

Nobody got it.

What did the Greeks say after Constantinople was taken by the Turks?

What a load of Istanbull

A Saudi man wanted to divorce his wife... She had one condition

The papers to be submitted at the Embassy in Istanbul

TIL that Turkish has some weird pronunciation.

I mean, they pronounce Constantinople as Istanbul.

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