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Where is Lahore ?

In La Brothel.

There was a young man from Lahore

Whose limericks stopped at line four.

When asked why this was,

He responded, "Because."

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A guy named Sarim works at a bakery in Lahore, Pakistan.

As a gopher, he is obligated to serve the baker. One day the baker says "Sam, go and get me a bag of flour." Sam goes to get the bag and puts it on his head. Unfortunately the bag breaks and covers him from head to toe. Dejected, he walks back to the kitchen. "Oh my goodness Sam! What happened?"
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Meanwhile in Lahore...

A terrorist blows up his own house, after the Pakistan Government issued a *Work From Home* advisory to it's citizens.

A two-seater plane crashed in a cemetery in Lahore

Pakistani police has so far discovered 25 bodies

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do you call a French prostitute in Pakistan?


Abdul and his friend Mohammed are trying to migrate to australia as skilled workers.

They go to the Australian embassy in Lahore and start filling out the application.

Mohammed goes into an interview room with an embassy officer and they start discussing his work
Experience and whether he qualifies as skilled labor. ‘So what do you do, Mohammed?’ says the embassy worker. ...

My French girlfriend cheated on me and then suddenly moved to Pakistan.


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