What do you call a gelded unicorn?

A Eunuch-corn

Why don't gelding horses like to race?

Because every time they go to the starting gate they're reminded "They're Off!".

After a brief, bloodless gunfight,

Prickly Bob and his Saddlesore Gang have managed to capture Dan Hollings, Deputy of Tombstone. Prickly Bob, not wanting a murder warrant on his head, has decided to let the desert take care of his latest problem with the law.

Now, I won't lie to you. Alone and buried up to his chin in red des...

The Nun And The Camel

A nun is invited to Saudi Arabia on an interfaith exchange program. After being shown around, she asks to see where the camels are raised. Her guide - a devout Muslim says, "Oh no, Sister, I cannot do this. Today we geld the male camels and this is entirely inappropriate for a woman to see, let ...

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