Why do Foot fetishists make terrible Olympians?

They love the taste of defeet.

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I'm surprised there isn't more religious panic about foot fetishists.

After all, they are cumming for our soles.

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What do YouTube and Small Penis fetishists have in common?

They both only fuck the little guy.

Why don't foot fetishists like redheads?

Because they don't have soles.

^(My bf told me to put this here.)

Are all americans just some fetishists...

Everyone I've met been talking about feet.

Foot fetishists are great at first impressions.

They always get off on the right foot.

Why do foot fetishists always lose?

They like the taste of defeat

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It is ok to hate on scat fetishists.

They like being shit on.

What do Boy Scouts and bondage fetishists have in common?

Knot a lot.

You know what they say about construction fetishists...

If you build it, they will come.

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I'm opening a Japanese restaurant that caters to food fetishists.

It's called Miso Horny

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A bunch of fetishists are sitting around at their fetishists club bored trying to think up things to do.

Then one has an idea. The guy who's into bestiality says, "I wish we could find a cat and fuck it!"

The sadist says, "Yeah, and we could torture it before we fuck it!"

The necrophiliac says, "And then afterwards we'll kill it and fuck it again!"

The masochist says, "meow."

Did you hear about the two confused foot fetishists?

They got off on the wrong foot.

Two foot fetishists are sitting in the back of a police van.

One turns to the other says:

"I think we got off on the wrong foot."

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Did you guys hear about the twin fruit fetishists?

The cum in pears.

Why do Jamaican foot fetishists love to lose?

Because they love de feet

Tree fetishists aren't that bad

Their bark is worse than their bite.

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I saw a recent study said that scat fetishists are cynical and negative.

It said they're always shitting on people.

If you have a foot fetish ...

... and happen to get involved in an orgy involving other foot fetishists, always remember to be polite and attentive to those around you.

You don't want to get off on the wrong foot.

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An original math feghoot.

There are enough people in the world now who require catheters for medical reasons for the devices to have become the targets of fetishes. At least some of these catheter fetishists are also practitioners of free love, and it's not unusual for them to get together with (relatively) large numbers of...

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