I met a fellow fetishist at the shoe store last week

We really got off on the right foot

Why do Foot fetishists make terrible Olympians?

They love the taste of defeet.

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I'm surprised there isn't more religious panic about foot fetishists.

After all, they are cumming for our soles.

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What do YouTube and Small Penis fetishists have in common?

They both only fuck the little guy.

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What does a fruit fetishist and a guy who slips on a sidewalk have in common?

"Fucking banana peels!!"

Why don't foot fetishists like redheads?

Because they don't have soles.

^(My bf told me to put this here.)

Are all americans just some fetishists...

Everyone I've met been talking about feet.

Why do foot fetishists always lose?

They like the taste of defeat

What do Boy Scouts and bondage fetishists have in common?

Knot a lot.

Foot fetishists are great at first impressions.

They always get off on the right foot.

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It is ok to hate on scat fetishists.

They like being shit on.

I know a well-off foot fetishist, who took up a gig at a potato chip factory in his spare time.

When I asked him why, he says he heard "something about Free Toe Lays being one of the perks".

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What's a CBT fetishist's favorite kind of comedy?

Slaps dick humor

Last night I visited a fetishist community website for the first time

Why are there so many dudes called Dom?

Whattaya call someone who seems to have an almost fetishistic obsession with stomping into a comments section, saying something absolutely horrible, and spending the rest of the day slapfighting with whole threads of people calling them an idiot?

A compulsive mass debater.

You know what they say about construction fetishists...

If you build it, they will come.

What is a foot fetishist's favorite snack?


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A bunch of fetishists are sitting around at their fetishists club bored trying to think up things to do.

Then one has an idea. The guy who's into bestiality says, "I wish we could find a cat and fuck it!"

The sadist says, "Yeah, and we could torture it before we fuck it!"

The necrophiliac says, "And then afterwards we'll kill it and fuck it again!"

The masochist says, "meow."

My sister is dating a diaper fetishist...

She doesn't like like it, but she thinks she can change him.

Did you hear about the two confused foot fetishists?

They got off on the wrong foot.

Seems like there is always more than one fruit fetishist...

They come in pears.

Two foot fetishists are sitting in the back of a police van.

One turns to the other says:

"I think we got off on the wrong foot."

Why did the fetishist come so quickly?

He had an appointment and was in a furry.

I'm a foot fetishist and I cheated on my wife while she was introducing me to her friends.

I must've got off on the wrong foot...

Why do Jamaican foot fetishists love to lose?

Because they love de feet

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Did you guys hear about the twin fruit fetishists?

The cum in pears.

Did you hear about the law court fetishist?

He got off on a technicality.

What's the foot fetishist's secret to success?

Getting off on the right foot.

What do you call it when a newlywed foot fetishist cheats on their spouse?

Getting off on the wrong foot.

Tree fetishists aren't that bad

Their bark is worse than their bite.

Why was the fetishist chasing the shoe model?

Because he was hot on her heels.

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I saw a recent study said that scat fetishists are cynical and negative.

It said they're always shitting on people.

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Did you know biologist James Watson was a foot fetishist?

His favorite sex act was double heel licks.

why did the wife of the fish and chips fetishist file for divorce?

she was sick of being a battered woman

A man is in a foot fetishist club

His girlfriend knows and says that he can give a picture of her feet to the other people in the club. He does and they say that they are the best feet ever. So he goes home and realizes that he had a picture of his girlfriend's mom's feet. He goes to the club the next day and says... Guys we got off...

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Did you hear about the butt fetishist who finally convinced his girlfriend to peg him?

It made his hole weak.

If you have a foot fetish ...

... and happen to get involved in an orgy involving other foot fetishists, always remember to be polite and attentive to those around you.

You don't want to get off on the wrong foot.

"I'm just trying to get off on the right foot"

\- Foot fetishist with OCD

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An original math feghoot.

There are enough people in the world now who require catheters for medical reasons for the devices to have become the targets of fetishes. At least some of these catheter fetishists are also practitioners of free love, and it's not unusual for them to get together with (relatively) large numbers of...

What's the difference between Donald Trump and tumblr

One's a moronic waste of space with no understanding of how the American political system works, and a borderline fetishistic hatred of Hillary Clinton. The other is Donald Trump

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