What do Dora the Explorer and Internet Explorer have in common?

They both take 20 minutes to perform a simple task.

Who is the cutest character on Dora the Explorer?

Benny, because he's a Dora bull.

(Thought of this all myself. I've reached full dad joke level here - please kill me.)

Why did Child Protective Services take Dora the Explorer away from her parents?

Because they allowed her to go off on her own with a known MAP.

My eldest put together a Dora joke

When my two younger sons were in the toddler to kindergarten age, they loved watching Dora the Explorer. Episode after episode. My wife & I found it very cute.

My eldest found it quite annoying. But he was a teenager then.

He came up with a Dora joke after a weekend of 500 (just...

What do you call Dora the Explorer in an Iron Man suit?


I'll see myself out.

What did Dora say to help her friend break his Tinder addiction?

Swiper, no swiping!

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Little Dora liked to sleep in Sunday school

Little Dora was not the best student in Sunday school, and she liked to sleep through class.

One day, the teacher asked her a question while she was sleeping, "Tell me, Dora, who created the universe?"

When Dora didn't stir, little Dick, a boy who sits behind her, took a pin and jabb...

What could Dora the Explorer's kids be called?


Swiper is unable to steal from Dora The Explorer today, as he has a cold.

"Sniper nose wiping."

She texted me: "Your adorable."

I replied: "No. You're adorable."

Now she likes me. All I did was correct her typo.

What’s brown, round, and if you give it a map it’ll still get lost?

Dora the Explorer

What would you call someone called Dora who used to be a flower?

Dora the exflora.

what batteries does dora the explorer use?


What does Dora say in Iraq?

Sniper no Sniping

Pedro gets a New Secretary.

Pedro gets a New Secretary.
He faces a volley of rapid fire questions from his wife, who is always a bit suspicious of her husband’s roving eye.

Dora (Pedro's wife): “Does your new secretary have nice legs?"

Pedro: “Didn’t quite notice."

Dora: "What color are her eyes?"

I just turned on nickelodeon and saw bob the builder building a wall...

... to keep Dora from exploring.

My wife got my daughter a bowl with Dora on it

It's adorable

How to kill a walking bird?

A plane has 500 bricks in it. One falls out. How many are left?


In 3 easy sets explain how to get a giraffe into a refrigerator?

1. Open the door.
2. Put the giraffe in.
3. Close the door.

In 4 easy steps explain how to put an elephant into a refrigerator?

What's the first place Dora explored?

The mexican border.

Yo mama’s so fat

Even Dora couldn’t explore her

I took 8 courses of spanish...

...but then they cancelled Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer has a little Muslim friend...

Doda the Exploder

What do you call a cute dish with a Mexican explorer on it?

A Dora bowl

10 YO MAMA Jokes - Wich one is your favorite?

1) Yo Momma So Fat The Only Letters She Knows In The Alphabet Are K.F.C!
2) Yo mamma so ugly even Bob the Builder said, "We cant fix it."
3) Yo Mamma So Fat, Dora Can't Explore Her.
4) Yo momma so stupid, when I told her that she lost her mind, she went looking for it.
5) Yo mamma so fat...


Parents: We are disappointed in you.

Son: Why?

Parents: Even the map from dora is better than you

Son: How?

Parents: Because he knows where he is going in life.

What do you call a Mexican girl who converts to Islam?

Dora the Exploder

What do you call a male cow wearing a pink shirt, orange shorts, and a purple backpack?


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