This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

I’m going to the gym for leg day on Friday.

Then I have to be a pallbearer for my cousin on Saturday. This will be my first time trying to deadlift two days in a row.

What’s a necromancer’s favorite workout?

A deadlift!

Do you know who’s really good at deadlifting?


I tried a deadlift for the first time last week...

The mortician sternly asked me to leave the morgue.

Why do the rodent love doing deadlifts?

Because he loves working on the hamstering

I just finished deadlifting 1000 pounds off the ground.

For you Americans, that's 1275 dollars. It's my most expensive lift to date.

My friend told me I should start deadlifting.

Otherwise the police would certainly find the body.

Someone died at the gym and i was there to help carry the body

It was the lightest deadlift I've ever done.

What is a ghost's favourite exercise?


What's a necrophiliac's favourite exercise?


If Kanye West and Kim Kardashian both caught on fire in your gym and you only had ONE bucket of water.....

.... would you squat or deadlift first?

What's morticians favorite workout?


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