John Cena wakes up at a hospital

John Cena: Where am I

Nurse: ICU

John Cena: No you can’t

Is John cena is the spokesperson for Honda?

He has a great voice but I can’t see him.

Why does John Cena take COVID19 seriously?

Because he doesn't want to go to the ICU.

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I keep looking for John cena nudes

If only I could find them

John Cena's full name is "John Felix Anthony Cena Jr."

Didn't see that one coming.

John Cena gets knocked out during a wrestling match

3 hours later he wakes up in a hospital

John: (slowly) Where am I?

Nurse: I. C. U

John: No you can't!!

Drax, John Cena, and a ghost are standing in a bar.

Oh, sorry. Correction: , , and a are standing in a bar.

Remember in 2015 when John Cena was a big meme?

Now it's practically invisible.

The Peanuts gang goes to a WWE show, each one randomly picking a WWE legend from a hat to dress up as for the show. Linus: "I got John Cena!" Peppermint Patty: "I got Becky Lynch! Who'd you get, Chuck?"

Charlie Brown: "I got The Rock."

John Cena

Guys, I think I figured out how to post something without a title

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Rock can Fight John Cena.

But will lose his shit when his opponent is Paper.

All this talk about John Cena

I have heard so much about how much of a ‘hard man’ John Cena is! Honestly if he’s so hard, why doesn’t he come smash my head on this keyboarddhjfiefkejfjl

John Cena movies

Do you know what all John Cena movies have in common?

I haven’t seen any of them.

Where does John Cena face an existential crisis as well as threat to his life?


Did you hear John Cena got hit by a car?

The driver couldn’t see him

John Cena.

Did you know John Cena has been in every Fast and Furious movie? We just couldn't see him.

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Why did John Cena's porn career failed?

According to the cameramen of pornhub, he started great but when it was time to do the money shot, no one could ever see him coming.

Why does John cena have the worst heapth insurance plan ever?

No matter how many appointments he makes to get his ailments cured, the doctors can't see him.

If you donate to Make A Wish, a kid gets to meet John Cena

But if you don't, they'll get to meet Macho Man Randy Savage

John Cena is admitted to the Intensive Care Unit after losing consciousness

After waking up, he asks the doctor "Where am I?"

The doctor responds "The ICU"

John says "No you can't"

Nikke Bella is divorcing John Cena

Supposedly, she couldn't see him.

Over 500 children have had their last request granted by John Cena for the Make-a-Wish foundation. That’s because anytime a child ask to see John Cena all they have to say is,

“You Can’t.”

John Cena gets into a car wreck and ends up in the hospital...

After being in a coma for 3 days he wakes up and asks the nurse, "Where am I?" The nurse responds, "ICU".

John Cena replies, "NO YOU DON'T!!!!"

John Cena, Bruce Willis, and a master assassin walk into a bar

"H-h-hello? W-w-who's there?!" asked the bartender to the front doors that just opened on their own.

A VPN, John Cena and Flint, Michigan walk into a bar...

Goverment: I can't see you

How are an anti vaccine baby’s 5th birthday and John Cena related?

They will never see it

What do you call a queue with John Cena, The Rock and Macho Man in it?

A *punch*line.

I went as John Cena for Halloween last year

But everyone kept slamming the door on my face saying "damn ding dong ditchers"!

What’s the most surprising thing about sleeping with John Cena?

You can’t see him coming.

My girlfriend is the daughter of arya stark and John cena

She has no name and you can't see her

What show did John Cena and his pregnant wife make an appearance on?

I Didn't Know I was Pregnant

What do you call 75 year old John Cena?

John Cenile.

What does John Cena wash his hair with?

Champ who?

If John Cena stars in a cooking show,what would it be called?

Snackdown Live

I ran over a kid in a John Cena shirt

but in my defense, i couldn't see him

What did little John Cena say to his primary school teacher when she gave him his report card?

You can't C me!

My girlfriend must think that I'm John Cena.

She told me she's not seeing me anymore.

Why does John Cena always take awhile to feel better when he's sick?

Because the Doctor can never see him.

What Does John Cena Look Like?

Trick Question, No One Has Seen John Cena.

We were fed lies by our education system saying that there are only four faces carved in Mount Rushmore.

How can they miss John Cena and The Rock.

A guy wearing full camo sneaks into a bar

He tip-toes his way through the few customers idling about and tries to sneak behind the counter, but an invisible force violently pushes him back.

Realizing he's somehow been detected, he tries to escape from the bar only to be thwarted by another stern shove blocking his exit.

The ba...

There are too many "You can't see me" memes out there

I've Cena Nuff'

John’s girlfriend went missing

I guess nobody Cena

I wrestled with blind kids.

I wrestled with blind kids just so I could say I'm John Cena....

I often get ignored or people generally don't notice me...

I always wanted to be like John Cena.

A Sports Medicine Physician went to Wrestlemania one year to study the rate of concussions among the performers.

While backstage, he bumped into John Cena, and asked him if any of the matches qualified for Continuing Medical Education credit.

The Doctor of Thuganomics looked the physiatrist dead in the eyes; paused, then slowly replied: "No. You can't CME."

Doctor: So I've been told there's a problem with the eyesight?

John Cena: Yeah. You can't see me.

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