I really have no idea what carbon dating is...

But, I'll try anything at this point.

Some people are into carbon dating.

It's not for me. I dated carbon once, turns out they made everything up.

Wow, carbon dating has improved in recent years!

A museum visitor was admiring a Tyrannosaurus fossil, and asked a nearby museum employee how old it was. "That skeleton's sixty-five million and three years, two months and eighteen days old," the employee replied.

"How can you know it that well?" she asked.

"Well, when I started wor...

Biochemistry joke- I once went carbon dating...

I was arrested because carbon was only 14

I would have made a joke about carbon dating...

...but it would have gotten old very quickly.

Asked Mother whether it was okay to make fun of her age now.

She asked if i even knew how old she was, told her

"No, carbon dating is expensive"

Why did the paleontologists fall in love with the fossil?

They were Carbon dating

A chemist fell in love with an archeologist

They’re now carbon dating.

What do you call it when an organic lifeform goes out with another organic lifeform?

Carbon dating.

Have you heard about that new app, “Cinder?”

It’s great for carbon dating!


(I just thought of this joke while walking to my car. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m not the first to come up with it. Apologies, if it’s been made before.)

(In case it isn’t obvious, it’s a play on the *dating* app, “Tinder.”)

yo mama is so old..

her profile is on carbon dating apps

I made a web site for older people to hook up.

It's called Carbon Dating.

How did the diamond find a girlfriend?

Carbon dating.

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

In China, archaeologists recently discovered the oldest known statue of a penis...

...carbon dating estimates it came from the Dong Dynasty.

Yo Momma is so old

Yo Momma is so old, that instead of using online dating, yo dad used carbon dating in order to find her.

I'm making an app like Tinder, but exclusively for paleontologists

I'm calling it "Carbon Dating"

I finally found an app for my senior love life!!

It's called Carbon Dating <3

What is the relationship between an old fossil and a paleontologist called?

Carbon Dating

I'm getting tired of my relationship with carbon isotopes -.- it's too complicated.

Time to give up carbon dating.

Did you hear about the guy who has an affinity for burn victims?

I guess you could say he's into carbon dating

This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

Apparently some people on Tumblr say they're sexually attracted to elements on the periodic table.

That's not really my thing ... except for that time in college when I experimented with carbon dating.

What do you call two diamonds in a healthy relationship?

Carbon dating

You know you're getting old when you go to a new doctor...

...and part of the new patient exam is carbon dating.

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