Dad, will you be coming to the baby shower?

"I'd prefer a full-size shower, thanks"

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Gave my wife a baby shower and she was mad

Took her awhile to clean the cum out her eyes and hair

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My GF has been at the Baby Shower for like 3 hours now.

That baby's gotta so fucking clean by now. What are they even doing?

It's weird that they call it a baby shower.

A more accurate name would be a supplies party.

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What do they call a baby shower in Japan?

A Bukkake.

I went to a baby shower

I was torn between a vacuum or a coat hanger as a gift

An expecting couple is buying party supplies.

The cashier asks โ€œWhatโ€™s the occasion?โ€

โ€œOh, We are having our baby shower,โ€ says the wife.

โ€œThatโ€™s pretty impressive,โ€ says the cashier. โ€œMy wife and I still have to bathe ours.โ€

A home DNA test kit

does not make a good baby shower gift.

Comedy is like a baby shower

Useless if the delivery goes wrong

What is one event the guest of honor is not expected to show up?

A baby shower

[nsfw] I knew a girl who had a miscarriage while taking a shower

It was the worst baby shower ever

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Last year my ex got mad at me because I was masturbating during a shower..

..which usually wouldn't be a big deal, but.... It was a baby shower.

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