saltsalinitychloridecondimentsea saltsodium sulfatesodiumseawaterchlorinesalinesaltysulfatemsgspicelactate

What do you have if you have NaCl and NiCd?

A salt and battery.

NaCl / NaOH

The base is under assault!

What did NaCl go to prison for?

AI Image Generator

What do you call NaCl and a 9 volt being thrown at you?

Assault and battery.

I recently bought a gun

It can only shoot NaCl bullets because it's a salt rifle.

what did the grain of salt say to the doctor?

Doc I think I tore NACL

What part of your hand is the most salty?

The NaCls

I had an argument with me Chemistry teacher today.

I threw some NaCl at him and he yelled;

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