Sperm whales

Could they be the reason the sea is so salty?

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Whales have pretty sexual names, Sperm whale, humpback whale...

Your mom

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A small sperm whale and his dad are swimming through the ocean

He asks his dad where he came from and the dad responds, "my penis, of course!" The son, disgusted, "that's gross! Thanks a lot dad." And the dad says, "you're whale cum!"

I once held a door for a sperm whale. He said thank you.

I said, you're whale cum.

Q: How do you circumcise a sperm whale?

A: Send down four skin divers.

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Where did all the sperm whales come from?

Moby Dick

One day a sailor gets on his boat named the “SS Sperm whale”

He notices several people looking at him wondering about the name of his boat. He decides to dispel their confusion and spreads his arms wide then says,

“Hey guys! Whalecum!”

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What do sperm whales have on their front porch?

A whalecum mat.

From where did the sperm whale get it's name?

Ask your grandparents.

A blue whale walks into a bar...

The bartender says "you're too big, get outta here!"
Killer whale walks into the bar, bartender says "hell no, no killers here!"
Then a sperm whale walks in and says "can I stay?"
"Sure" says the bartender, "sperm whales are always whale-cum"

How do sperm whales get their food?

They go under the ship, make a hole and suck out all the seamen.

Genie grants a man one wish

A man stumbled upon a genie walking along the beach who agreed to grant the man one wish. What would like to wish for human? The genie asks. The man demands the genie to turn him into a sperm whale so that he can swim across the oceans and the whole world freely. Very well says the genie and to no s...

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What do you call a large penis?

A sperm whale.

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