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My wife had an anal prolapse, and it's turned her into a real bitch lately.

It really brought out the asshole inside of her.

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Did you hear about the guy with a prolapsed anus?

He was pretty bummed out about it.

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I just got out of hospital because of my prolapsed anus

It's certainly a step up from my amateurlapsed anus

A game developer recently released a "rectal prolapse simulator"...

...they called it "Fallout".

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Don't ever ask me about the time my anus prolapsed.

Its a long ass story.

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What do you get from a stripper with hemorrhoids?

A prolapsed dance.

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The avid fisherman. NSFW

A man checks into the the office at a fishing lodge in the Scottish highlands. After being given the key to his cabin he asks that he be given a 6 am wakeup call because he wanted to get started as early as possible.

The next morning after a quick breakfast he strides out of his cabin and pas...

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