A tour guide is showing people around Washington, DC, when they reach the Potomac River.

"On this spot, right here," says the guide, "Abraham Lincoln threw a ten-dollar bill all the way across the river in 1863."

"That's impossible," says a tourist. "No one could throw a piece of paper that far."

"Well," says the guide, "it must be understood that money went a lot farther ...

Trump is taking a walk along the potomac

Suddenly, he trips and falls in. His secret service agents can't get him out, but 3 teenagers playing on the opposite bank save him.

Elated, Trump tells them he'll get them anything they want.

The first one says he wants a brand new house, and Trump calls his banks and sets aside mon...

I never said he was dumb...

I simply said that Roe v. Wade are not two methods of crossing the Potomac.

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