I taught a parrot to recognize shapes...

But now polygon

What did the Polygon say to the Circle when the Circle wanted to be more edgy?


This joke may contain profanity. 🤔

What do you call a polygon on viagra?

An Erectangle

How do you feel about polygons?

Many sides, many sides.

Did you hear about the geometry teacher who left his parrot's cage open?


My trigonometry teacher and I got into a fight because she thinks triangles are the simplest polygon.

However, I think we can let digons be digons.

What do you call a nine-sided polygon that wishes to remain anonymous?


Why do older polygons make sure their sides all stay an equal length?

It keeps you regular.

I wanted to do geometry with my parrot...

Then I remembered that polygon :(

What did the mathematician say about the death of his pet parrot?

"Polynomial. Polygon."

Fencing in Cattle

Three gentleman who excel in their respective fields are invited to compete in a competition. Competing are: a top Engineer, a shrewd Businessman, and an award-winning Mathematician. The judges, in turn ask each gentleman to fence in a herd of cattle using the shortest length of fence.

The e...

My teacher put these onto our Word of the Day test in class today.

What illness did everyone on the Enterprise catch? Chicken Spocks!

What animals are on legal documents? Seals!

What is a polygon? A dead parrot!

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