A hexagon

[This post has been removed for being to edgy]

I made six figures today...

a square, rectangle, triangle, circle, hexagon, and a polyhedron.

Do you know why I hate hexagons more than squares?

Because hexagons are more edgy


the guru was happily teaching math to the students at his home. He said

"5 sides --> pentagon"

"6 sides -->hexagon"

"8 sides -->octagon"

.....then suddenly, the guru got a sudden heart attack, he fell onto the ground making a loud "thud" sound and died on the spo...

Things I learned in organic chemistry

1.How to draw hexagons.

A company is building a tower with diffrent floors

The first floor will be a hexagon the 2nd pentagon, ah you dont need to hear it from me, each story has diffrent sides anyways

What symbol dispels a hex?

A hexagon!

-In collaboration with my kid sister.

What shape gets rid of curses?

A hexagon

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